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GObookings® Enterprise v14

GObookings® deliver premium Enterprise level booking solutions for business and government. 
GObookings also build and integrate cloud applications for their government and corporate clients.

  • Australian system, Australian secured servers and ongoing Australian telephone support.
  • A high level of security which includes hierarchal access, password controls, start to finish SSL encryption and the Federal Government’s Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) Certified Internet Gateway for hardware, software and documentation.
  • Business
  • Council
  • Hospital
  • Government
  • Corporate Health
  • Commerce

Suitable for the smallest to the largest business the scalable and customisable GObookings® BUSINESS Enterprise V14 system is used for managing face to face appointments, telephone consultation appointments, home services, booking of resources, booking meeting rooms, registrations for seminars and workshops and also for booking exercise and training classes. The system also includes responsive customer facing interfaces designed to work efficiently across the multitude of mobile device screen sizes.
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GObookings® COUNCIL Enterprise version 14 has evolved as a secured hosted cloud solution to provide the smallest to the largest Council with a cost-effective centralized booking system capable of being used by one department or across multiple departments.

Strong ROI with comprehensive reporting options for analysis purposes satisfy Council requirements along with the ability to synchronise with Microsoft Exchange and ‘talk’ with existing management systems via an API. Responsive mobile capability makes the system mobile device friendly for externally operating staff and customers.

Suitable for the booking of; Council library meeting rooms, book reading appreciation classes, health services, halls, events, training classes, parks or sporting assets or for the booking of staff members for inspections or face-to-face appointments or telephone consultation appointments or...
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The flexibility of the GObookings® Hospital Enterprise V14 system will satisfy any hospital appointment or resource scheduling requirement. This is a premium Enterprise cloud product designed for one department or multiple departments within the smallest to the largest hospital.

Suitable for… booking and management of appointments from external sources, internal appointments, training classes, imaging & therapy services, oncology chairs, meeting rooms, maternity department tours and related classes, workshops, seminars and conferences, management of volunteers...
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The GObookings® Government Enterprise V14 system and is well proven as a valuable booking managment system in both Federal and State Government departments and agencies.

GObookings® Government Enterprise V14 has the flexibility, reporting, features and security to satisfy any government appointment or resource scheduling requirement.
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Since 2003 the cost-effective and well-proven GObookings® Corporate Health Enterprise V14 has been the booking system of choice for Australia’s leading corporate health care service providers. Being scalable and customisable the system is suitable for the smallest to the largest provider.

The GObookings development team are continually upgrading and adding new features to ensure their clients have the very best product to handle their security, booking, staff/nurse management, mobile access and reporting requirements.
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GObookings® Commerce Enterprise V14 is a premium Enterprise cloud product designed for the financial sector. GObookings COMMERCE is currently being used by banks, insurance and superannuation companies to better manage their appointment requirements internally and also to provide secured customer facing interfaces for services available to be booked direct online.

Comprehensive hierarchical access, password controls, data collection and reporting options are available along with the ability to integrate with existing client data bases and management systems. Two-way synchronization with Microsoft Exchange is valued by consultants allowing for blocks of time to be allocated specifically for web based appointments.
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