Below are unsolicited comments extracted from emails and also comments/feedback noted after speaking with clients using the GObookings Enterprise appointment scheduling booking system.

"It is all very easy to navigate and intuitive"
"Such a cool system I love it"
"Customers are raving about the system… which is fantastic."
"We are really pleased with GObookings… it's working a treat for us."
"We just cannot believe how much time this has saved us."
"I don't know what we'd do without it to be honest. It's a great business tool"
"I'm loving the online bookings. It's been a month now and its great."
"It's a good robust system that meets management expectations."
"It's beautiful and the reports are fantastic. Really really good."
"Feedback for my GObookings system was extraordinary I can't move away from it!"
"Easy to use and we are enjoying using it."
"It's working beautifully… we're wrapped!"
"Its going really well. Everybody absolutely loves it."
"We love it. It's really good!"
"The booking system has been a real success!"
"They are all using it – its absolutely fantastic."
"GB email: Excellent… sounds like you had a good uptake"
"Client email: Sure does…. I love the GoBookings set-up "
"It's working well. Very good. Very very good."
"Its a fabulous system."
"It is a very good system."
"Absolutely perfect for what I am doing."
"Great support as usual."
"I am enjoying playing with the system"
"The SMS reminders have reduced the no-shows by around 50%"
"A very good system. I love it! Makes life so easy. Much better than the old way!"
"It's brilliant I'm adding it to my CV."
"Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!"
"Works great!"
"We love it!"
"Wow, what great customer service!"
"It's working a treat for us."
"You are awesome!"
"Very happy with the system."
"It's good… very popular. Our clients love it."
"I just love you guys so much… you are so wonderful"
"I am impressed with the level of support we have received from GObookings."
"Re modification – thanks for all the effort – a great result."
"You guys are legends. I really really like it!"
"I'm pleased to report it has been going great!"
"By the way I love your system it works beautifully thank you"
"Its so much easier to manage the appointments for all our clinics… we are very happy with your service."
"Happy with the simplicity of the system for use by our customers and we have all the administration functionality we need."
"The call center in conjunction with GObookings is working really well and the business is busier than ever!"
" Client email: Really busy… as soon as we open a new day the appointments are gone in record time! "
"GB email: That's it. I think the booking system makes it easier for their staff to accept your offers… "
"Heaps of things you can do. Its fantastic! I have referred you to lots of my colleagues"
"Runs automatically. I don't have to do much… its a fantastic system."
"We are a call center in Melbourne and we have 5 businesses using your system now… we like it."
"We are now taking more online appointments than we take over the telephone. I'm very impressed."
"I'm going out on my own and I can't find a system better than GObookings."
"It's really good. It's great. I think it's fantastic… the clients love it."
"I love it…now I just watch my screen for the bookings taken by the Call Center."
"I have been using GObookings for well over a year now and it's working so well! I'm really pleased!"
"It is a pleasure to speak with a company which is so customer focused."
"Your system is fantastic. Saves me time as recording so much detail. What a great system."
"It's good. I see what's going on and who's doing what…"
"Really appreciate your advice, shows that you care about your product and of course the end users."
"I have 250 clients and see GObookings as a value add for the content development services I currently offer."
"You have a fabulous product that would definitely suit speakers and entertainers."
"As you probably know your system is good & we are pleased that we decided to go with you guys."
"And thank you, the new system has worked fabulously well!"
"Working really well for us. So much easier than what we were doing. Really good."
"It's user friendly and very easy to implement."
"After two years research of 17 of the best scheduling booking systems from around the world, we selected GObookings to use across all our (government) departments."
"I have been having a lot of fun playing around with the system and must say I am SO impressed. It is more than what I hoped for and will certainly provide the professional look and convenience that we are after."
"Our University vaccination program went smoothly without a problem. It took so long last year doing it manually, this time it was a breeze."
"We have had great feedback and everybody seems very happy with this online system! Keep up the good work."
"The no-shows have fallen off now that we are using your system with the SMS as well as email reminders for appointments. Great system."
"We appreciate the effort in this migration with very little disruption. It has been smoother than I thought possible."
"Thank you for providing us with this excellent service. It has been critical to helping us maintain a high quality vehicle inspection booking service".
"That was quick! We didn't expect a reply that quickly. We are always surprised how quickly you get back to us."
"Nice speaking with you also. You've provided me with the best support I've ever experienced on the web…thank you!"
"If I had a wish in my practice life it was to stop the phone from ringing. GObookings has offered the solution."
"Just a quick note to let you know our booking service went live this morning, without a hitch. Thanks for your assistance and support in getting this up and running."
"During the comparison GObookings backend functionality was clearly way way ahead and stands out as having much more flexibility and depth."
"Please pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to your team for your responsiveness, patience, flexibility and easy to deal with approach to making this happen!"
"Thanks so much for all your assistance over the last 3 1/2 years. It has been a great tool to help get our business to where we are at today."
"I am sure you have been told many times, that this product is excellent, but above all the amount of new features I see coming through from time to time really take it to the next level in excellence and the more improvements are done, just makes it better and better. Keep Up the good work, and your price above all makes your product even better. You Guys Are Awesome!"
"Just a short note to convey my absolute satisfaction with regard to the service both yourself and your team have provided me since making the decision to use your GObookings services. Your level of service has exceeded my every expectation. Your "nothing's a problem" attitude will ensure my loyalty as a customer to your company. Other Professional Service Companies should take note"
"The clients are saying 'it's great!… it's great!"
"You're an absolute gem!"
"After literally searching the Globe for the best solution to our clients scheduling requirements and testing several other on-line solutions prior to deciding to go with GObookings, we can now say that we have made the right choice. The GObookings system proved to be simple enough for inexperienced computer users to embrace as well as comprehensive enough for our clients reporting and client management requirements. We can highly recommend the team at GObookings who have worked so enthusiastically to make sure that our implementation was simple and delivered on time."
"I have been using GObookings for my clients for some time now and it has become an almost invaluable tool in operating my office. Since I have started using GObookings it has become very integrated with my office in its uses for data look-up, Client info, messaging etc. In short, right now it could almost be viewed as the platform of my business…"
"We appreciate the effort in this migration with very little disruption. It has been smoother than I thought possible."
"Looks like the guys have been busy on the scheduler! I went in to work on the questions page for my inspectors and was thrilled to find that it had been totally re-done. I was able to re-configure the questions just like we needed, I noticed the Log Out buttons had been added and the wording of the "Owners Location/ Appointment Location" area has been changed. Excellent Customer service at GObookings! You have one very satisfied customer here! I think the scheduler will be much more easy for my inspectors clients to understand and use now. Just wanted to say Thanks! Extend my thanks to all the crew at GObookings as well! Take Care!"
"It's fantastic. It is great to be able to book most of the patients in straight away rather than have you call them back with advanced bookings. With many of our callers people always expect that we are in your office and we are your Receptionist and should be able to help them then and there. Which now 99% of the time we can. It is fantastic and very simple to use. Every one can use it with ease."
"Since our design center has started using GObookings I leave earlier now and have more time for my daughter. Its wonderful. We have also reduced our customer waiting times dramatically. Thank you GObookings."
"Thank you for your assistance with the implementation of the GObookings system, as you know we have been running the system successfully for over 6 months now and I firmly believe that we would have a riot on our hands if we tried to take it back off the staff and try to go back to the old manual booking system… keep up the great work."
"The appointment bookings are going well and are steadily climbing each day which is fabulous. Also from my perspective Go bookings is extremely easy to use and navigate and the reporting is great."
"We thought your system was great and will still be using our Australian account. We are just selling our business here (UK) but will certainly be recommending the service to the new owner. Thanks again."
"Thank you for providing us with such an efficient and time-saving booking system! The GoBookings system greatly reduced our workload, allowing us to efficiently and effectively manage the attendance of all volunteers for all CHOGM-related training sessions. The system is a quality product."
"Hi Everybody, just a quick note to say we had our first on-line booking this afternoon which is the first appointment booked on the web in Australia for the BreastScreen program. Thanks very much to all those people involved from BSV and Go Bookings for bringing it all together."

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